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Chris Cafero

actor • model • comedian •
audition coach
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audition coaching

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Affordable, professional one-on-one coaching to help you prepare, polish and nail your next audition!

  • Online or In-person 

  • 15, 30 and 60 minute session options 

  • Self-tape recording w/ high-quality lighting and backdrops

My Approach

Every actor should have access to professional coaching and self-tape resources without having to break the bank. My goal is to offer high-quality, personalized coaching and audition prep that any actor can afford. 

I work with each actor to:

  • Sharpen their existing skills and training. 

  • Analyze and break down text. 

  • Make strong character choices. 

  • Memorize and hone on-camera technique. 

  • Send their best tape possible!

Sessions & Rates

Line-through (15 Min)  - $15

Half-hour Coaching  - $45

Full-hour Coaching -  $65

Self-tape Coaching and Recording (1 Hr) - $100

All sessions can be done via Zoom or IRL.

Discounts avail for first-time clients and referrals!

What clients are saying...

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